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We Provide The Following Services

We offer complete video production services, managing every aspect of your video production needs. Services include production management, coordination, budgeting, location scouting and rentals, on-camera or voice casting, quality production crew, and we use the latest production equipment. We also provide audio recording, video editing and full post-production services.

Garden Route Media has produced a few short films in the Garden Route with our talented local crew. The Garden Route is the perfect destination for any film. As a movie writer or film director, you might be looking for a team that will be able to translate your vision into reality. Garden Route Media can help you achieve your vision with a team that can fit your budget and time limitation. Some of the projects we can manage include web series, corporate videos, short films, documentaries, and feature films. We have our own, in-house post-production facilities and sound studio, meaning we are able to work closely with our clients from start to end.

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Garden Route Media is your one-stop solution for any Television Series or Television Advertising needs, from conceptualization, planning, scripting, production and post-production. Garden Route Media uses top-end high definition production equipment to exceed the current standards in broadcast-quality video productions. We have a complete in-house production team which means we maintain full control of the entire production process.

Corporate Video is an essential marketing and communications tool for any company – from corporate and promotional video production to multi-module projects, providing a showcase for individual products, services or other aspects of your business. A beautifully crafted corporate video can help to showcase your company profile along with the products and services. It is an effective way to reach more clients and customers, create the best impression of your brand and products.

We offer coverage for corporate events and content for social media and website videos.

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We provide video and aerial stills photography services along with high quality material for corporate, television and film productions.

Trueview is also known as Adwords for Youtube. With TrueView you pay to have your video or Ad shown before a video is watched.

The user will have the option to skip the Ad after 5 seconds but you only pay if the viewer has not skipped but watched through at least 30 seconds of your Ad. (Which is usually the full duration of an Ad) In a bidding basis you pay to appear in the best position whenever a search is done that includes keywords that you have specified in your campaign.

We create short Adverts for companies to market themselves on YouTube. The Ads will appear before the videos on YouTube. We run the campaign for our clients to help them reach their target audience without wasting any money. See our video

Getting Started is Easy

We’ll help you determine the right type of ad for your business, as well as the most cost-effective way to build it. We have multiple creative options to suit nearly any budget. You can customize one of our pre-styled ads for your needs, or have us create a Custom series ad from the ground up.

Garden Route Media Can:

•  Assist with initial market research to determine your advertising needs.

•  Will guide you through the conceptualisation and production of your YouTube commercial.

•  Build the right YouTube campaign that fits your target audience.

•  Take care of buying YouTube advertising campaigns.

•  Assist with the development of a website or landing page in order to determine a measurable indication of the numbers of hits on your YouTube advert.