ProRes is a high-quality video format developed by Apple Inc. for use in video editing and post-production workflows. It is a lossy video compression format that uses intra-frame compression, meaning that each frame is compressed individually rather than relying on inter-frame compression techniques that can lead to quality loss over time. ProRes is available in several different flavors, including ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 4444, and ProRes 4444 XQ, each offering varying levels of compression and quality.

ProRes is a popular choice for video professionals because it offers a good balance between file size and quality, making it suitable for both editing and archiving high-quality video footage. It is widely supported by professional editing software and hardware, and can be used for both standard and high-definition video formats. ProRes masters are often delivered to clients or used for archiving, as they offer a high level of quality and can be easily converted to other formats if needed.

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