The first version of an unfinished video is commonly referred to as a rough cut or assembly cut. It is the initial stage of the editing process where the raw footage is assembled into a rough version of the final product. A rough cut typically includes a sample voiceover, music, and basic graphics, which are used to give the client an idea of the direction of the video.

The rough cut is not intended for public viewing, as it is still a work in progress and may contain placeholder graphics, incomplete visual effects, and other elements that are subject to change. However, it is an important stage in the editing process, as it allows the client to provide feedback and make suggestions for revisions before the final version is completed.

During this stage, the producer will guide the client through the review process, providing feedback on areas that need improvement and helping to refine the video’s overall direction. The rough cut is still malleable and can be adjusted to address any concerns or issues that arise during the review process.

Once the client has reviewed the rough cut and provided feedback, the editor will use this feedback to create subsequent versions of the video, refining and polishing the visual and audio elements until the final version is complete. Overall, the rough cut is a critical step in the video editing process, allowing the client and editor to work together to create a compelling and engaging final product.

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