Sometimes also referred to a Sizzle-reel. A short video to showcase a person’s or agencies work.

It’s a popular tool used in the film and video industry to showcase a portfolio of work and demonstrate the filmmaker or agency’s skills, style, and creativity.

Demo reels can vary in length, but they are typically no more than a few minutes long. They may include clips from past projects, such as short films, music videos, commercials, or other work, as well as title cards, text overlays, and other visual elements that help to highlight the filmmaker or agency’s strengths and accomplishments.

Demo reels can be an effective way for filmmakers and agencies to market themselves and attract new clients or collaborators. They can be posted online, shared on social media, or used as part of a pitch or presentation to potential clients or investors.

In some cases, demo reels may be referred to as sizzle reels, which is a similar concept but typically refers specifically to promotional videos used to showcase a product or service.

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