A still image – usually a mockup of one frame of an animated film – to help you decide on the final style. Similar to a mood-board.

A still image, usually a mockup of one frame of an animated film, used to help decide on the final style, is called a concept art or concept design. Concept art is a visual representation of the overall style, tone, and aesthetic of the animation or film, and is typically created early in the production process to help guide the development of the final product.

Concept art can be used to explore different artistic styles, color palettes, lighting and shading, character designs, and other visual elements of the animation or film. It is often created by a team of artists, including illustrators, graphic designers, and digital artists, and can be used to communicate the intended look and feel of the final product to the rest of the production team.

Similar to a mood board, concept art is used to provide a visual reference and inspiration for the production team, helping to ensure that all aspects of the animation or film are consistent and cohesive. It can also be used to get feedback from stakeholders and investors, and to help promote the project to potential audiences.

Overall, concept art plays an important role in the production of animated films and other visual media, helping to guide the creative process and ensure that the final product is visually stunning and engaging.

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