On-screen text or moving images that help illustrate points in the video. Opening titles may be used in TV.

On-screen text or moving images that help illustrate points in the video are known as graphics or visual aids. These can include titles, captions, animations, charts, graphs, and other types of visual elements that are used to convey information and help the audience understand the content of the video.

Graphics are often used in videos to reinforce key points or provide additional context to the audience. For example, a chart or graph may be used to illustrate statistical data, while an animation or diagram may be used to explain a complex concept or process.

Opening titles are a specific type of graphic that are commonly used in television shows and films. They typically appear at the beginning of the program, and include the show’s title, credits for the cast and crew, and other information such as the production company and the date of production.

Overall, graphics and visual aids are an important tool for video producers, as they can help to engage and inform the audience, and make the content more visually appealing and memorable. When used effectively, they can enhance the impact and effectiveness of the video, and help to ensure that the key messages are conveyed clearly and effectively to the audience.

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